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Why Does My Monster Surge Protector Beep?

Plugging your valuable electronic equipment directly into an electrical outlet is risky business. Surges of power through electrical lines happen. You have absolutely no way of knowing or predicting when your electrical system in your home will receive a jolt of extra power either through a lightning strike or energy spike from your power company. The surge protector was invented to prevent this super charge from traveling through your computer, audio or video component’s AC cord and frying the delicate circuitry within. Monster cable surge protector is a popular brand folks have come to rely on for quality and dependability. There are many devices within the Monster line of protectors designed for specific types of electronics. They work as a sort of “portcullis” between your electrical outlet and the AC plug on your equipment. The second the protector detects an increase in voltage it trips an internal switch to cut the power–like the spiked gate on a castle gatehouse instantly dropping to prevent marauders. You may be asking, “But why does my Monster cable surge protector beep?” when you have never heard one do this.

The answer is quite simple, yet disappointing, if you are the sensitive, maudlin type. The Monster cable surge protectors beeping sound indicates it has sacrificed its life for the safety of your electronic equipment. This leads to the question, “Are Monster cable surge protectors worth it?” Yes. Especially with this kind of feature at your disposal. A harmful power surge tripped the dual mode plus internal feature, or the unit is malfunctioning. Either circumstance warrants immediate replacement. You would have no way of knowing if a power spike has occurred without the sound of Monster power surge protectors beeping. Not all protectors behave in this fashion, but that is how this brand has been designed. It is probably one of the top benefits of Monster cable surge protector products.

If you hear your Monster surge protector buzzing, it cannot possibly be good. The manufacturer recommends returning it for a replacement. Even if all of your electronic equipment appears to be performing normal, it is not worth taking the chance. Never overload your protector by plugging in extension cords or units designed to increase the number of outlets. It does not matter the brand name, any surge protector buzzing is a good indication there is a mechanical malfunction and all equipment should be unplugged immediately.

Monster and all other manufacturer warranties vary by product so a careful reading of the fine print is worth it. Another brand name protector may have a better warranty period, like Monster vrs Prime surge protectors. Of course, no manufacturer warrants a product if it has been misused. In the case of the Monster brand, the warranty covers all damaged equipment in the event their product fails, but you need to know if this is only within the first year of purchase or is a lifetime warranty. Many other excellent brand name protectors do the same.

There are many online retailers with which to do some comparison-shopping. The life of your expensive and sensitive electronics depends on the quality of the protector between it and the outlets in your home. Just because one costs more than another does not necessarily mean it is the better model. Careful consideration is always needed before buying a product that may not meet your particular needs. Knowing how any brand of protector will behave when it comes to the rescue of your electronics is a good idea so you never have to ask the question like, “Why does my Monster surge protector beep?”

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