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Importance of Use A Clean Power Surge Protector For Humming Issues

A clean power surge protector is of extreme importance in protecting all electrical audio and video equipment in a household or office. If any electrical equipment is not connected to with surge protection and a power surge occurs, then the high voltage can damage or permanently destroy the AV equipment. The major benefit of this kind of surge protector is that it helps eliminate humming issues.

All electrical equipment such as computers, flat or wide screen televisions, stereos, expensive electronics and appliances (especially digital), DVD players, VCR’s, iPhones, and iPods are subject to damage from power surges. As well, a power surge can harm electrical outlets, air conditioner parts, garage door openers, light switches, and light bulbs. A power surge is when the voltage rises above the normal flow of electricity that goes through a home or office. The standard voltage level in the United States is 120 volts.

Clean power surge protectors like the Monster Clean Power model are designed to protect AV electrical equipment from voltage spikes and surges which are a lot more devastating than power outages and reduce the quality of the AV connection. A voltage spike last for one or two nanoseconds and a voltage surge last three nanoseconds (billionths of a second) or more. Yet in a very short second a lot of damage can occur to any electrical component.

Many things can cause a power surge. The most common cause is lightning. Power surges can be triggered when an electric utility company is power grid switching. As well, power surges can happen from within a home or office. For instance, when a large appliance such as a refrigerator motors turn on and off.

Sometimes damage from a power surge is not always noticeable. For even a small power surge can injure components and in turn shorten the life of electrical equipment. Yet valuable electrical equipment can be protected by taking the right precautions.

What a surge protector does is attempt to regulate the influx of voltage by blocking or shortening to ground voltages that are a safe level. Basically, the volts are diverted and shortened, forcing them to ground. But without a surge protector, equipment most likely will get damaged.

A device such as the Monster clean power surge protector will ensure not only protection from power surges and spikes but improve performance by lessening AC interference. There is a big range in price for surge protectors but the cost is minimal compared to the cost of expensive equipment. As well, surge protectors come a variety of designs that have from 2 to 12 output connectors. Monster makes black surge protectors that have color coded outlets and matching cord identification labels. Color coded outlets make it easy to identify what component is plugged in where.

Yet surge protectors do wear out, especially a cheaper quality one. An indicator that a surge protector is definitely not working is when the switch light goes out. But if the switch light is on it does not guarantee that the surge protector is working properly. Usually it is best to buy a new surge protector if the current one is older, if a home or office experiences a lot of lightening storms or outages, if there is any doubt the surge protector is not working, and absolutely if the switch light is dim. With the latest technology, even the best quality surge protector can be found at a reasonable price. And a new clean power surge protector is by far more economical than any equipment that might need replaced because of a 2 second power surge.

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