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surge protector off

Do Surge Protectors Work When Turned Off-A Simple Guideline

Here’s a very good question from our readers, “Do surge protectors work when turned off?” It would seem logical to think that when a surge protector that is plugged into the wall would not function if in the off position and would thus expose your electronic gear to all kinds of surge damage; but this, […]

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Electrical Panel Surge Protector

The Electrical Panel Surge Protector Coverage For The Whole House

Not everyone knows the electrical panel surge protector by this name; most call it a whole house surge protector. Nonetheless, the device protects the circuitry of your home from power surges by stopping them at the point of entry: where your power lines enter your home at the main electrical panel or circuit breaker board. […]

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1 outlet surge protector

1 Outlet Surge Protector-The Best Plugin Device For Your Refrigerator

There is a big controversy over the use of surge protectors with refrigerators. In one camp there is the crowd that doesn’t see the necessity of a surge protector for refrigerator units. Then there is the other group who swears by the protection they offer. Who is right? Well, technically speaking, they both are.

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joule rating on surge protectors

What Does The Surge Protector Joule Rating Mean?

The simple answer is that a joule measures energy absorption. The higher rating in joules a device measures, the better the device is thought to be. With regards to surge protection, when the Joules rating is high, the surge protector is capable of handling a larger surge in a single event before it needs replacing. […]

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gfci outlet

Where Can I Find GFCI Outlet With Surge Protection?

There is often a question that comes up in surge protection queries and that is does a surge protector offer GFCI protection? The answer is: it can, but it will most likely be due to a device that has been plugged into a surge protection device. There is, to my knowledge, no surge protector with […]

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what is surge protector

What Is A Surge Protector And Why Do You Need One

The most common use for a surge protector is for people with a personal computer who need to plug many cords into one outlet. Often times it is referred to as a power surge strip or a surge suppressor. If you own a desktop computer then you know your two-pronged wall outlet is unable to […]

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clean power surge protector

Importance of Use A Clean Power Surge Protector For Humming Issues

A clean power surge protector is of extreme importance in protecting all electrical audio and video equipment in a household or office. If any electrical equipment is not connected to with surge protection and a power surge occurs, then the high voltage can damage or permanently destroy the AV equipment. The major benefit of this […]

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monster surge protector beep

Why Does My Monster Surge Protector Beep?

Plugging your valuable electronic equipment directly into an electrical outlet is risky business. Surges of power through electrical lines happen. You have absolutely no way of knowing or predicting when your electrical system in your home will receive a jolt of extra power either through a lightning strike or energy spike from your power company. […]

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power strip

What Is The Difference Between A Power Strip And A Surge Protector?

What’s the first thing someone does when they need more outlets than what the two socket wall option provides? They look for an extension cord. An extension cord or extension lead, power board or power strip, whatever you want to call it, provides extra outlets for that specific need but it doesn’t address the bigger […]

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Top 10 Questions About Surge Protector

Top 10 Questions About Surge Protector

While it’s great to have info on surge protectors and be able to read surge protector reviews to help you decide what product will best serve your needs, it doesn’t really benefit you if you don’t know some basic knowledge about them. There is a lot of information on this site about popular brands and […]

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