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Surge at a particular point in power lines, which can increase the current flowing to your wall outlet and damage your electrical equipment. A surge protector will disarm that surge and protect your electrical equipment.

While Review Surge Protector does NOT sell anything, we do provide tips and advice for readers wanting to purchase surge protectors. At times, recommended items may be listed in the sidebar of the site from sources such as Amazon.com. These are products that we endorse and hope you find of use in your home for your protection.

The Owner

My name is Eric Williams but you can call me Eric. I created Review Surge Protector to give consumers a better understanding of this fundamental piece of technology.

Though it’s importance continues to grow as technology advances, there are still folks who are unaware of the dangers and damages caused by power surges. My own home experiences power surges several times a day and I’d be very poor from all the repairs or a technologically void individual without several of these devices protecting my equipment. I have a background in computers so you can understand my personal need for serious protection.

While the RSP staff strives for accuracy when presenting information regarding surge protection devices and how they can protect your home, ReviewSurgeProtector.com is not the final authority on the subject and there is bound to be a mistake or a contradiction here or there as the information is upgraded and updated throughout the site.

If you have any questions concerning any information on this website, please feel free to contact us at info@reviewsurgeprotector.com