You Can Still Benefit From A Cheap Surge Protector

You don’t always get what you pay for. That’s especially true when choosing a surge protector for your electronics devices. Even a cheap surge protector could be the difference between happiness and disaster; and that disaster is the damage done by one or more power surges. Surge protection devices are designed to protect your electronic equipment and appliances from voltage spikes and power surges, which could be caused by faulty wiring or maybe even a lightning strike close to a power line.

Types Of Surge Protection

You can get surge protectors in a variety of types including models designed to protect the wiring of an entire home. These devices in particular are known as whole house surge protectors and they connect at the breaker box where your power comes into your home.

Whole house surge protectors are amazing at protecting all your circuits but you could still benefit from a point-of-use device. In fact, a cheap in wall surge protector can cost under $20 dollars and could protect your entire home theater system. These devices are also designed to make the entire setup more neat and organized.

There are also surge protectors which have battery backups. These are called Uninterruptible Power Supplies and are better known as UPS surge protectors. Generally, these have six or more outlets with three protected by the battery and surge protection and three for standard surge protection. The battery backed outlets allow a user to properly shut down and power off their equipment to prevent damage that can sometimes be caused by sudden loss of power. These will usually power your equipment for an additional fifteen to twenty minutes.

What Kind Of Equipment Will A Cheap Surge Protector Work On?

No matter what kind of surge protector you choose to buy, the list of items you could use one for is basically endless. The items include but are not limited to: televisions (HD and SD), satellite receivers, video cassette recorders, DVD players, video game systems, computers, printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, telephones, surround sound systems, radios, air conditioners and much more. Basically anything that uses electronic components can be protected.

What Kind Of Features Should I Look For?

When you go to purchase a new surge protector you will be amazed by the amount of features offered by different manufacturers these days. However, the most easily found and easily understood feature that you will see on a surge protector is the Joule rating. A Joule rating determines how much energy the surge protector can take in without failing. The higher the Joule rating the better so this should be high on your priority list.

What Is The Best Low Cost Surge Protector I Can Get?

Surge protectors come in a variety of prices and you could easily pay a few hundred dollars for one if you wanted to. But you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a basic surge protector for as little as $5 at a discount or department store. And depending on what you’re going to use it for that could be all you need.

When looking for the best cheapest surge protector there are many things to consider. Is the joule rating high enough to protect the equipment I will use it for? Does it have enough outlets to fit my needs? Do I need battery backup for the devices I will hook into my surge protector? How much do I really want to spend?

Whatever you decide you should keep in mind there are many benefits of using a cheap surge protector. It can help prevent potential severe damage to your highly priced equipment. It could eliminate the need to use several different wall outlets in a small space while helping to keep your home more organized. Or you could just use one in order to have more outlets. But the most important thing it can do is give you piece of mind.

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