Understanding The Warranty On A Monster Cable Surge Protector

Why does my Monster surge protector trip constantly? Why does my Monster Surge protector beep? People who are asking themselves this question often turn to the Internet for answers. Regardless of what other sites may say, there are some important things you need to know before buying these warranties for any surge protector you choose for your electronics.

First, there is the issue of whether or not a warranty is even valid. A Monster surge protector warranty cannot be redeemed if it was bought from an unauthorized dealer. To determine if a dealer is authorized, you should inquire with Monster directly. Do not rely on a company’s appearance or brand, as these factors alone are not indicative of an official authorization.

Now you need to think about damage protection. This is not necessarily for the Monster cable surge protector itself. While most warranties will cover a broken cable, you must also think about the equipment connecting to it. As a result, you need to look for any clauses relating to Monster surge protection and damaged device warranties. Many of them will offer a $25,000 payback if the equipment connected to the cable fails. However, the company will have to investigate the product to see if there is a manufacturing defect. If the cable failed due to misuse, you will not be eligible for the money.

This leads to another area of concern. Unless a warranty explicitly states so, you may not be covered if the product breaks accidentally. For this reason, you must be careful with your cable. Do not use it around heat or sunlight and avoid getting it wet. Also, do not loan your cable to friends or family. By doing so, you could jeopardize your warranty, as Monster does not cover accidental misuse by third-parties.

Finally, you need to make note of the warranty period. It begins on the date you bought the product and ends on the date specified in the contract. This could be a few months or a couple of years; it all depends on what you bought. Regardless, any claims you may have must be filed before the warranty period ends. If you fail to make a claim on time, you will not receive compensation, even if there was a defect on the product.

In conclusion, you need to think ahead before buying a warranty on monster cable surge protector devices and ask yourself: are monster cable surge protectors worth it?. More importantly ask yourself if your electronics or home theater equipment is worth protecting. I can guarantee the answer is a resounding yes. Look into the warranty. There are many benefits of Monster cable surge protector protection, if that makes sense. You just have to make sure you are getting the appropriate coverage. This includes: looking into authorized dealers, finding warranties with equipment protection and making sure you can properly care for your cable. As long as these factors check out, you should definitely purchase a Monster warranty. Through it, you gain protection for both the cable and your equipment. Cheaper surge protectors only offer protection for the cable itself. This leaves you in a bind if your $2,000 television fails due to an inadequate product. With Monster warranties, such concerns are eliminated. Ultimately, if the cable has been used properly, and there is still damage to your electronics, you will receive generous compensation. All you have to do is file a claim and mail in your cable.

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  1. Bruce Arlington says

    I bought a new TV a few months ago and bought the surge protector new a few days later.This was all done in 2014.I am 66yrs old and this is the first time for the protector to fail?I did save my receipt on this product.I payed a lot of money and hope you are going to replace the unit. Thank you Bruce Arlington

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