The Under Monitor Surge Protector: Antiquated But Not Useless

These aren’t so popular anymore but you can still find an under monitor surge protector if you shop Tripp Lite or Belkin. Both companies manufacturer these “old school” surge protection devices. Once used for safeguarding computer systems and data lines, this surge protector is found more often with home theater equipment as it is compact and stores easily with other equipment like DVRs and cable boxes. They are often referred to as Under Monitor Power Centers.

You can still use under monitor surge protectors for your computer and peripherals. They also are useful with DSS systems and all a/v equipment that uses RJ11, RJ45, Cat5e and Ethernet cables. Most come with at least 5 outlets and are large enough for a computer monitor to sit on without the worry of excessive heat. These are MOV protected so should have a relatively high Joules rating. Look for something with at least 1600 Joules if it uses MOV technology, but of course if you find one that has more than 1600, get it. Of course, the more outlets a power center surge protector has available the more Joules it will most likely have as well.

With RJ11 and RJ45 protection you will find that there are at least two phone jacks available. The other outlets used for your computer’s peripheral accessories will be standard sized; it won’t accommodate AC adapters but each outlet will have it’s own power switch to turn on and off separately of the others.

Each switch on the monitor surge protector will have an indicator light in which a green LED let’s you know the outlet is functioning properly. Other LEDs may be used to indicate that the surge protector power is on or that the device is grounded the way it should be. This is dependent on the outlet it is plugged into. If the outlet is not grounded to the house’s main earth then the surge protector will not function properly. You may also find an additional LED indicator outlet for an “always on” module.

The under monitor surge protector is a great space saving device, especially for areas where space it tight. It can fit securely beneath your computer monitor, your printer, under a DVR or DVD player in home theaters and any number of other multi-purpose surge protection areas. Generally the devices support 15A/120V current which is standard for most U.S. homes. It doesn’t give off any heat so placing it under other appliances will cause no harm to them or your surge protection device.

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