The Woods Surge Protector Now A Coleman Cable Product

Woods surge protectors were once prominent in the surge protection industry, found in grocery and hardware stores across the country. In business for 75 years, Woods Industries was a company known for its innovative practices in product development. But in an industry that has become very competitive it didn’t take long for Woods to fold. In late 2007 Coleman Cable, a leading manufacturer in cable and electronic wire for security, sound, telecommunications, electrical construction and several other markets, bought Woods. Prior to that, it had been a two part effort under Katy Industries as Woods U.S and Woods Canada.

Coleman Cable kept the Woods name as one of its surge protection divisions and the Woods’ name still appears on the packaging. All of their surge protection devices carry the same seal of quality, value and service with every product they manufacture.

Like all surge protectors, Woods point-of-use devices are designed to shunt power surges at the outlet and prevent the damaging effects caused by the upward shifts in electrical voltage. These surges could be caused by any change in the electrical flow of power on a circuit within the home, such as a heavy appliance coming on. All Woods models use MOV technology and are easily affordable and just as easily replaced when the MOVs reach their capacity for absorbing surges. Good for extensive use in the home, office or a workshop area, all of their equipment is UL, cUL or CSA listed.

The Woods surge protector offers maximum protection with a clamping voltage of 330V.

The Coleman Cable Woods Surge Protector Range

Point-of-use devices (units used at the outlet) are perfectly suitable in homes where external surges may not be prevalent.

External surges can be caused by natural events like lightning or animals hitting power lines. There are also times when your power company might have issues with their grid.

While it’s always a good idea to protect your AC power lines at the point of entry, it’s not always necessary.

Coleman Cable Woods point-of-use surge protectors come in two basic styles: wall mount adapters and surge strips. They vary from single outlet units to 8-outlet strips. Here they are, listed by the two categories.

Wall Mount Surge Protectors

The Woods wall mount SPD plugs directly into your wall outlet.

The nicest feature of this simple, compact surge suppressor is the audible alarm that signals when the device no longer protects you.

There is an LED indicator light to let you know the device is on as well.

Great for small electronic appliances, the wall mount models come in two styles.

Both have ratings for 810 joules.

The only difference is one has phone line protection and the other doesn’t.

Available in these configurations

  • 1 outlet surge protector
  • 1 outlet surge protector with phone line protection
  • 3 outlet surge protector
  • 6 outlet surge protector
  • 6 outlet surge protector with phone line protection


  • For home, office or workshop applications
  • Suppressed Voltage Rating: 330V (L-N L-G N-G)
  • Electrical Rating: 125V 15A 1875W
  • Joule Rating: 810 Max
  • Surge Pulse Voltage: 6000V
  • Max Peak Pulse Current: 30000A – 60000A
  • Response Time: Faster than 1 nanosecond
  • EMI/RFI Noise Rejection: 4dB-40dB from 100kHz to 50MHz
  • Power Shut Down Protection
  • UL 1449
  • Some models include phone cable
Surge Strips

The Woods surge protector power strips start at 6 outlets and extend through an 8-outlet model.

All models are suitable for home, workshop or office applications or small home electronics, but can be used with desktop computers, fax machines, cordless phones, televisions and clock radios.

Cords range from 4 to 10 feet.

In addition to phone line protection, some 7 outlet and 8 outlet models have coaxial cable protection.


  • For home, office or workshop applications
  • Suppressed Voltage Rating: 330V (L-N L-G N-G)
  • Electrical Rating: 125V 15A 1875W
  • Joule Rating: 1000 – 3465
  • Surge Pulse Voltage: 6000V
  • Max Peak Pulse Current: 30000A – 60000A
  • Response Time: Faster than 1 nanosecond
  • EMI/RFI Noise Rejection: 4dB-40dB from 100kHz to 50MHz
  • Power Shut Down Protection
  • Coaxial Line and Phone Line Protection on Some Items
  • UL 1449

Unfortunately, Coleman Cable doesn’t have a connected equipment warranty (CEW), meaning they won’t cover damaged equipment if the surge protector faults. The only warranty is by the seller (retailer) for one year after purchase.

Coleman Cable / Woods Contact

Coleman Cable Inc
1530 Shields Drive
Waukegan, IL 60085
Tel: (847) 672-2300
Fax: (847) 689-1192
Toll Free: (800) 323-9355

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  1. Wayne Stus says

    I purchaced a couple of your surge proctors and can’t remember where, this was afew years ago. I live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan could you please tell me which stationary stores carry them. The model I have is a 6 outlet with 15′ cord.

  2. admin says

    Sorry, Wayne. We’re not a distibutor for Woods. You might be able to find the information you’re looking for by contacting Coleman Cable. As the article states, Coleman Cable is now manufacturing Woods surge protectors. They would have a better idea where you could find the one you are looking for.

  3. michael says

    ihave the model 7g39 5 outlet and my power surged and burned my new vizio 42″ flat screen tv up what do i need to do i had a tv repair compony come out and the boards are fried please let me know asap

  4. admin says

    Mike, I would first check the warranty that came with your surge protection device and see if you are covered. If it’s the fault of the surge protector, chances are you are entitled to whatever terms the warranty covers. Keep in mind that a surge protector doesn’t last forever and that eventually it needs to be replaced when it has reached its capacity to stop surges. I hope this isn’t the case, but if it is and your device has stopped functioning, you might be out of luck unless your flat screen is still under warranty.

  5. Julie Farewell says

    I have a Woods brand surge protector model number 2367. 552367. I had this surge protector plugged into the wall with my brand new 53″ Panasonic television set. We had a bad thunder and lightning storm the other night and it blew up our television…nothing else in the house was harmed and i have 3 computers, 3 ipods, and many other electronics in my home that were not affected. I wanted to send you an email to tell you how dissapointed i am in your product.

    We paid over $1000 dollars for our television 2 months ago and when we called the company they said that if it was plugged into a surge and the surge failed then there was nothing they could do for us. I am so upset
    and will not hesitate to go through my entire house and get rid of every Woods brand surge protector that we have along with all of my family members that might have them as well. I am planning on telling everyone about my dissatisfaction with this company.

    julie farewell

  6. Margaret Gall says

    I am in the same boat as Julie. We had a storm yesterday, as well. The lights went out for a split second. Not a whole lot you can do in that situation. Odd thing is that everything plugged into it is fine, excpet for the Wii. Needless to say, I have an extremely upset daughter who uses it to watch Netflix and was planning to take it to college with her this Fall. Is there any way of getting the Wii replaced by whatever company now took over the Woods products?

  7. admin says

    Thanks for the reminder Margaret. I had this info on another article, but it seems to be needed here more. I’ve added contact info to the bottom of the article.

  8. Susan D says

    I ALSO was struck by lightninig on Friday July 8th. I have a Woods, 6 plug, with cable outlets surge protector. My 55″ HDTV 1080i TV was also destroyed! completely! I spent quite a large sum on that protector. Un real. I also have to say that I have ANOTHER one in my computer room but it’s a ‘power’ sentry. My computer ethenet card got fried as well. That too was expensive. So much for the protection. for 5.95/mo Progress Energy offers surge protection and will replace your things if they get hit. THIS will be the way I will go seeing none of the rest will stand by thier products.

  9. Dwayne says

    @ Margaret:

    The Wii may be OK. Unplug the Wii from the power supply and unplug the power supply from the mains for several minutes and then try plugging it in again. The switch mode power supply for the Wii has some sort of built-in O/L shut down circuitry.

  10. Maurice says

    We had a lightening strike the other day. My daughter was working out on our treadmill when the strike to place. She stated that the treadmill immediately stopped and there was a burning smell. The woods surge protector light was also off after this incident. We replaced the woods 6910 A2 later but the treadmill will not run. Who can I contact to replace or repair our treadmill?

  11. Len says

    My story is about the same. I had the Woods 6 plug wall protector. Had a storm while I was out of town. EVERYTHING else in the house is fine; all the electronics plugged into the protector were fried…6 month old 55″ LED TV…high end stereo receiver and CD player….my HD Tivo…PS3…and the Wii.

  12. Trina says

    I have lost two TVs in the last month. They were both pluged to a woods true protection surge protector. Is there anyone I can contact on this matter. I’m not liking what I’ve read so far. Please help if you have any information with this. I can’t afford to keep buying TVs .

  13. joan swain says

    I had three outlets of a six outlet surge burn out but not shut off but kept working the. House could have burned down this was very scary

  14. Janet Howard says

    We had a television, wii, cable box and dvd player plugged into a 6 outlet Woods full protection surge suppressor plus coaxial surge suppressor. We also have an added lightning arrestor on the electrical line coming into our house. Following an electrical storm, the tv, cable box and the wii were struck and ruined. The dvd player worked. We have had to replace these items and I need to know if there is coverage for this damage. Evidently the surge protector did not work. Please advise as soon as possible.

  15. admin says

    Hi Janet. As far as I’m aware, Coleman Cable does not have a connected equipment warranty (CEW), meaning they won’t cover damaged equipment if the surge protector faults. The only warranty is by the seller (retailer) for one year after purchase. You should try to contact them nonetheless and explain what happened and see what they can do. Their contact info is listed at the bottom of the article.

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