Transform Your Wall Outlet With A Surge Protector Receptacle

To protect electronic devices and equipment from power spikes a surge protection plug or surge protector receptacle is used. It works by trying to regulate the amount of voltage that flows into the electrical device by either shorting or blocking the ground voltages until the power flow reaches a safe threshold. Some power strips and extension cords may already have built-in surge protection but in some areas a surge protector isn’t automatically provided so they will need to be purchased externally.

When the power rises or drops drastically, a surge protection receptacle will not usually act immediately; usually there is a slight delay. It’s important that this delay is as short as possible because the longer it takes to kick in the longer the equipment may be exposed to the power surge. Power surges don’t happen immediately either though, and it usually takes them a few microseconds to reach its peak so most surge protecting devices are able to kick in fast enough in order to block the damaging power spike. The response time of a protector is measure in nanoseconds and test waveforms are used to calibrate and design them.

Different surge protection receptacles are made for different types of equipment, but they are all installed as replacements for the wall outlet. For example a 120v AC receptacle surge protector for washer or dryers are good for large equipment. For less power consuming devices such as computers or televisions you’ll only have to get a less powerful protector. Also pay attention to the type of plug holes your house has and the voltage of your house. Many surge protector receptacles will only last for a certain amount of time depending on what the manufacturer specifies.

There is a variety of prices for surge protecting models depending on their size and power consumption capabilities. Overall they make an excellent deal regardless of the price because they protect your expensive electrical equipment from hazards. Power spikes can ruin and even completely destroy electrical devices so it’s a good deal to invest an amount of money in order to protect them from that. An extension cord that also protects from surges is the most useful as it allows for multiple devices to be protected at the same time.

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