Single Surge Protector: Protection For Your Washer, Refrigerator, AC Unit And More

Average surge protectors block surges between the hot and neutral electrical lines coming into your home. This is fine for protecting inexpensive equipment, and even when protecting many small appliances on one protector with many outlets. Sometimes though, you need a single surge protector for larger appliances. When you need serious protection like this, it’s better to install “3 line” surge protectors that cover incoming surges three ways: hot to neutral, hot to ground and neutral to ground. What this means is that all three prongs on the plug are protected.

Along with that, you need to make certain that with a washer surge protector you are installing enough Joules to protect your equipment. Joules are the ratings given to measure how much energy a surge protector can absorb before it breaks down and becomes useless. Ratings vary with the quality of the kind of surge protection device you purchase and can range as low as 70 Joules to well over 4500 Joules.

With single surge protectors, you can find them ranging in the 1000 Joules ratings, which is more than adequate for most new washers, refrigerators, ac units and other high-powered appliances that use computer technology to run them.
You would use a surge protector on your computer; why not use one on these items too? The single outlet surge protector, just like its name implies, has one outlet and protects a single appliance.

This is ideal for large appliances as one single surge protector can have a greater capacity to protect your equipment than say a 6 or 8 outlet surge protector that spreads the protection over many electronic devices. This is especially nice with appliances like refrigerators that use compressors to cut on, creating their own surges when operating. Power tools can create surges as well. When you use a heavy duty power tool such as a tile saw you can expect fluctuations in the flow of power surrounding the outlet where the tool is plugged in. You can stop internal surges more easily when using a single plug surge protector over one that has several outlets. One reason is that there can be many MOVs within a single outlet device. MOVs (metal oxide varistors) are the central protection agents that allow a surge protector to work in the first place. They are semi-conductors that attract heat and pull surges into them and away from your equipment. The more MOVs, the more protection you have. And many MOVs are necessary for washer and dryer power surge protection.

Belkin is a reputable source for quality surge protectors. You can find a reliable surge protector for washer outlet protection. With the deregulation of power companies, more and more dirty power is being introduced into residential areas. You need to have the right protection so that your gear doesn’t take the brunt of incoming voltage fluctuations. Most Belkin products feature green technology and comes with indicator lights that show you have proper grounding and that your device is protecting you. This can give you the peace of mind that you are protected at all times.

The cost to protect your appliances is well worth the investment for a single surge protector over the cost to repair damaged equipment. For under $20 you can protect your refrigerator, washer or hot water heater, whereas the cost to repair these items if damaged by a power surge can be well into the hundreds of dollars. A worse scenario would be to have to replace an appliance that was permanently damage from a surge burning out the electronic components within the appliance.

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    I am interested in purchasing 4 (four) single surge protector for my fridge. Could you please send me the cost of shipping and handling?

    How can I order?


    Rosemarie Mahabir

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