Is The Rocketfish Surge Protector Worth It?

You may have heard of the Rocketfish brand. It’s a staple at Best Buy. In fact, it’s one of Best Buy’s five house brands. If you’re not familiar with Best Buy, it’s a multinational retailer of electronics. Aside from the Rocketfish surge protector line, you can find cables and other accessories for audio equipment, mobile devices, gaming systems and computer equipment. It’s not clear who actually makes the Rocketfish products but it is suspected that the accessories are outsourcings of lower quality products that didn’t meet standards of large manufacturers. Whether you find trust in house brands or not, Rocketfish surge protectors have received praise from many users.

There’s not much information on the company and you will find nothing about their origins on their website, which reinforces the rumors of Best Buy hosting outsourced goods. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you want to be assured the Rocketfish surge protector is going to protect the equipment you plug into it. Without a history, it’s hard to judge the quality of products coming out of the company. There isn’t any information provided on Best Buy about the brand either which leaves many more questions.

One thing that can be said when you strip away all the secrecy: The Rocketfish 12 outlet surge protector offers high performing quality at an affordable price. That’s all you can really ask for of surge protection devices using MOV technology. MOVs will only protect your equipment from so many surges before they burn themselves out, after which they are useless; so you want a device that is going to be thrown out eventually to be affordable. Power surges are all too common in residential homes and if you find your surge protectors keep burning out; then you can probably assume you are being affected by damaging surges.

As for the protection these surge protectors offer, just look at the stats on their 12 outlet model. Over 4000 Joules of protection. That’s a lot for a house brand with no traceable history. But what really is impressive about the Rocketfish surge protectors is the energy conserve outlets. For instance on the 12 outlet device, four outlets are reserved as “always on”; the rest of them will shut off when the device senses less than 10 watts of power are being used so you can actually conserve wasteful electricity due to a surge.

Basically, it’s a standby power surge protector that conserves energy and can save you some money on your electric bill if you use high-powered electronics like computers. If something is plugged into a standard surge protector it will still use energy, even if it is in standby mode. High-energy appliances suck energy even in standby mode, so having the power source shunted when the equipment is not in use will benefit you. This means you can plug all of your computer’s peripherals into the standby surge protector outlets and plug your computer into the main outlet and when you shut your computer off, the other outlets stop providing power to the peripherals.

The outlets are also spaced apart enough to use large AC adapter transformers. But what makes the price of this surge protector all the better is the other protection it includes. Many manufacturers are going this route and you can find some large brands making high-dollar surge protection equipment with more or less the same technology. There is protection for coaxial lines to save all of your networking devices like phone, fax and modems. It has a 58dB noise filter for home theater brown out protection. This will eliminate static on the signal, which can cause the picture to break up. And to put their protection where there mouth is, so to speak, the Rockfish surge protector has a $500,000 Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW). So even if you’re the wary type, there really is nothing wrong with giving these devices a try.

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  1. Matt says

    I have a 6 outlet, and 2 are always on. But I can’t get the other four to work now.
    Do you know what should I do? Thanks!

  2. admin says

    Hello Matt. What brand surge protector do you have? Is it an energy saver model with one dedicated outlet and 5 standby? I need a little more info from you without going into speculation as to what’s wrong.

  3. zan says

    i have the same problem as Matt
    3 outlets work and the rest of them doesnt work
    its they energy saver model
    and says use the main switch to turn it on
    i dnt know how to turn it on?

  4. admin says

    Your device should have come with a manual. However, the power button is located on the side of the device.

    Make sure you have your main appliance/electronic/computer plugged into the master outlet. This outlet supplies power to the other outlets, where you would plug in non-essential items like a printer, monitor, lamp, etc…

    If you set it up correctly, when the main device is not being used or is in a standby mode, the other outlets will shut down.

    Hope this helps.

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