Prime Surge Protector: Offering Quality Since 1986

Prime has been a quality manufacturer of surge protectors since 1986. Their reputation stands on meeting the needs of their customers with whom Prime has a long-standing relationship. The list of their products is extensive and covers more than just their Prime surge protector line; they produce everything from spooled wire to heavy-duty power cords, including cord management tools. When you purchase any of the many surge protectors from Prime you know you are getting quality.

As technology becomes more and more advanced there is a greater need for surge protectors to preserve the delicate circuitry within appliances and other electronic equipment. All electronic products with microprocessors are susceptible to the damaging effects of power surges. From treadmills to coffee makers, every electronic in your home can benefit from the safety of surge protection installation.

The Prime Surge Protector Range

Prime makes it easy to know how to choose the right surge protector for your specific needs. There are four basic categories of surge protection in the Prime line: General Purpose, Multimedia, Energy Saver and USB Chargers. Each category is color coded making it a simple process for distinguishing the four categories. The color codes have changed recently and this article has been updated to reflect those changes. Primarily the changes include merging the home theater category and the desktop computer protection category into one multimedia category.

Prime General Purpose Surge Protectors

These devices come in light blue packaging and are for everything in your home that uses electricity. From a single outlet wall tap for a large appliance to a 12-outlet woodshop surge strip, Prime has you covered.

With great joule ratings of 450 up to 2000, each device has a protection indicator light so you know your unit is working as it should.

The range is pitched as a good, better, best merchandising which is visible on the front label indication joule strength and whether there is a connected equipment warranty attached.

Prime surge protectors have an auto-shutoff feature when hit with a potentially high surge. The power is shut down at the wall to prevent both the surge protector and the appliance it protects. This feature, along with EMI and RFI filtering, is unusual for a general purpose device.

Prime 6-Outlet General Purpose Surge Protector


  • Certifications: cULus, UL or Equivalent
  • Number of Outlets: 6 outlets
  • Housing: ABS Plastic
  • Master Carton Type: Master-Box
  • Joules: 1000
  • Protected Indicator Light: Yes
  • Cord Length (surge strips): 8 feet
  • Electrical Rating: 15A/ 60Hz/ 125V/ 1875W
  • Audible Alarm: Yes
  • Warranty: 5-Year
  • Connected Equipment Warranty (indicated on package cover): $100,000 – $200,000
  • Voltage Protection Rating: – 400 volts VPR (UL 1449 3rd Edition compliant)
  • EMI/RFI Filtering: EMI/RFI filtering
Prime Multimedia Surge Protectors

Like the General Purpose devices, these units range from wall taps that plug into your wall’s outlet to surge strips with up to 12 outlets. The joule ratings are better at the 1250 – 4320 range, making them ideal for electronics such as home theaters or computers with several peripherals.

All Multimedia devices have at least 6 outlets, even the wall taps. And in addition to the protection indicator light there is a proper grounding indicator light to let you know you are grounded correctly and that your surge protector will protect your equipment.

The packaging for these devices is red and the protection covers everything from your HDTV to your home theater system or a complete computer system, including RJ11 (phone line) and coaxial (cable line) protection.

Prime 12-Outlet Home Office Surge Protector


  • Color: White
  • Number of Outlets:12, 8 rotate 90°
  • Housing: ABS Plastic
  • Joules:4320
  • Cord Length (surge strips): 6ft
  • Protected Indicator Light: Yes
  • Grounded Indicator Light: Yes
  • Auto Shutdown: Yes
  • Coax Protection: 1in1out RG6 gold plated coax for satellite and CATV protection
  • RJ11 Protection:1in1out
  • RJ45 Protection: 1in1out
  • CEW: $400,000
Prime Energy Saver Surge Protectors

These are one of the recent additions to the Prime surge protection line. Most of today’s electronics have some sort of standby mode on them, not actually running but still leaking electricity to keep standby electronics on the ready. Energy saver surge protectors have a main outlet dedicated for electronics that need to stay on, but have reserve outlets for non-essential equipment.

The surge protector will kill the power supply to the reserve outlets when it senses a dip in power usage on the device. There is a switch to disable reserve mode if desired.

There are two devices in this category and both have protection, ground and power indicators.

The packaging of these devices, as you could probably guess, is green.

Energy Saver Surge Protectors PBES1016 – 6-Outlet 2160J Energy Saver™ w/ 6ft. Cord


  • 2160 Joules
  • 400V Clamping (UL 1449 3rd Edition)
  • EMI/RFI Filtering 150kHz – 100mHz
  • MAXIMUM SPIKE CURRENT: Attenuation up to 48dB
  • 6 Outlets:
    • 2 Always On
    • 1 “Master” with 3 Energy Saver Outlets
  • Automatically Shuts Off Equipment on the Energy Saver outlets
  • 6ft Power Cord
  • Color: White
  • Housing: ABS Plastic
  • Protected Indicator Light: Yes
  • Warranty:5-Year
  • CEW: $300,000


Energy Saver Surge Protectors PBES1218 – 8-Outlet 3600J Energy Saver™ w. RJ11, RJ45, Coax & 6ft. Cord


  • 8 Outlets:
    • 2 Always On
    • 1 “Master” with 5 Energy Saver Outlets
  • Automatically Shuts Off Equipment Plugged into the Energy Saver Outlets
  • Certifications: UL or Equivalent
  • Number of Outlets:8 Outlets
  • Housing: ABS Plastic
  • Joules:3600
  • Cord Length (ft):8
  • Energy Saver: Yes
  • Protected Indicator Light: Yes
  • Auto Shutdown: Yes
  • Coax:1in1out
  • RJ11:1in1out
  • RJ45:2in2out
  • Voltage Protection Rating:400V Clamping (UL 1449 3rd Edition)
  • EMI/RFI Filtering:150kHz – 100mHz
  • MAXIMUM SPIKE CURRENT: Attenuation up to 58dB
  • CEW: $400,000
Prime USB Chargers

The USB chargers are more or less for computers and laptops. There are two styles: the PBTSUSB3 – 3-Outlet 540J Travel w/ 2-Port USB & 17.5in Cord and the PBCPUSB3 – 3-Outlet (2 Rotating) 1080J Desktop w/ 2-Port USB & 4ft. Cord.

They come in red packaging similar to the Multimedia units and are great for charging your iPods, cell phones, bluetooths and PDA devices.

Both devices offer three plug outlets with 2 USB ports, but the wall tap has more features, like rotating outlets and room for a large wall wart (adapter).


Prime Travel Surge Protector

  • Color: Black
  • Number of Outlets: 3 Outlets
  • Housing: ABS Plastic
  • Joules: 540
  • Cord Length (ft):1.55
  • Plug Type: Right Angle
  • Protected Indicator Light: Yes
  • CEW: $100,000

Prime 3-Outlet Wall Surge Protector

  • 1080 Joules
  • 400V Clamping (UL 1449 3rd Edition)
  • EMI/RFI Filtering 150kHz – 100mHz
  • Attenuation up to 40dB
  • 3 Outlets:
    • 2 Rotating Outlets
    • 1 Wide-Spaced for Oversize Transformer Plug
    • 4ft Power Cord
    • Color:Black
    • Plug Type:SnugPlug
    • Protected Indicator Light:Yes
    • Grounded Indicator Light:Yes
    • CEW: $200,000

Power surges come in all sizes, large and small. They also don’t always have to kill electronics in one fell swoop. Most damage done by surges comes in small doses and happens over a period of time. It’s not until the electronic appliance stops working that you can tell you’ve been affected by a surge in power. Prime surge protectors have an auto shut-off feature that kills the power supply at the outlet when there is a sizeable surge regarded as a catastrophic surge. Also when the MOVs have absorbed all the voltage they are made to handle the device will stop sending electricity to the protected device altogether.

Warranty Info
You will not have to register to activate your Prime surge protector warranty. The damaged unit is proof enough of purchase.

The coverage includes defects in the product.

Word of caution before attempting to make a claim: You must have a properly grounded outlet in order to make a damage claim on the Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW). If your surge protector is not grounded correctly the CEW is null and void.

Prime Contact

For Customer Service & Technical Support:

Call us at (888)445-9955


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  1. don stroud says

    I have a 6 outlet rotary surge protector that plugs directly into wall plug and have lost the information concerning the operation of the protector. If both the green and red lights are burning does that mean that the surge protector is working correctly? I bought the protector from Staples. Thank you for your help.

  2. admin says

    Without knowing what brand device you own, it’s hard to do more than speculate, Don. But a surge protection device with both red and green LED usually indicates the following: the green light means your device is properly grounded and the red light means your device is working as it should.

  3. umesh diwan says

    I bought prime surge protector from home depot in New York and connected one lap top and a lamp. After a few days only the it stopped working and only the red light in the reset button is always ON. I have many cheap type multi way connectors and they have been working good for many years and this costly one stopped working after only few days. Please advise me what should I do about it. I do not have any proof of purchase also.

  4. J Brice Graves says

    I have single outlet surge protector modle #R1-3WS. There is a red monitor light that glows red that is labled Protected. I assume if the light is out, I am unprotected. I use it to protect my garage door opener. Is my assumption correct.
    Thanks John Graves

  5. admin says

    Your assumption is indeed correct, John. If the red light goes out, it’s time to replace your surge protector.

  6. Zach says

    In order to make a claim for the Connected Equipment Warrant, does the surge protector have to be damaged itself, or just the connected equipment?

  7. admin says

    It may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, Zach, but as long as you can prove that the surge protector was at fault, the damaged equipment is usually enough.

  8. Dave Sheets says

    I have a model R1-3WS. What is the purpose of the audible alarm? When plugging in my
    refrigerator the alarm beeped 3 times. Is this normal and is there another reason for the alarm?

  9. T Jeffries says

    The Prime model I used reassuringly boasted a “$100,000 (?) equipment replacement warranty”. That felt reassuring…until it failed to protect my equipment. A lightning storm fried the computer board in my 40″ LED HDTV, just out of factory warranty, and signal provider converter box. The indicator light on the surge suppressor indicated that the unit did not receive any hit/did not do its job.

    The company stipulates that the customer suffering a loss must first try to obtain compensation from his/her TV/internet/CATV provider, electric utility and insurance company before applying to Prime. All claims are sent to Prime’s lab, which has sole determination as to whether its product was at fault.

    Needless to say, the company absolved itself of any responsibility. Neither my computer nor connected ancillary equipment (printer, 3 external disc drives, 5 1/2 terabytes of external hard drives, modem, chargers, iPods) suffered any such damage, because they were actually protected–by another firm’s surge suppressor.

    Also needless to say, I will never purchase a surge suppressor–or any other piece of equipment–from Prime, Inc.

  10. john says

    hello i have a six out let prime light say protected green says ground. i live in jamaica current goes out alot at times. wen the current goes and come back the tv computer turns right back on instantly ,shouldnt the protector wait a few minutes after current goes into it before power up the tv. just tryin to understand how it really works thanks for ur help

  11. admin says

    Hi John. Sorry for the delayed response. What you are describing is more an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or a line conditioner response.

    Surge protectors don’t condition the power supply. They simply respond to surges by blocking power from the connected equipment until the surge passes. You won’t see any of this happening. Same thing in the event of a power outage. The surge protector will allow power to return to your television once power is restored to your home.

    If you are concerned about possible damage to your television from outages, I recommend purchasing a UPS device, which allows several minutes of battery-powered backup time to shut down equipment properly.

  12. Gail Bartell says

    I have 3 ea. 6 outlet Prime surge protecters for 3 different rooms in my house and one night during a storm a lightning strike hit vary close to the house and took out 2 lcd tv’s, 2 desktop pc’s and all three of our phones. When checking the surge protecters, all 3 of them still had the green and red light on. What do you think might have happened? I thought they would have blown the lights out showing that they did their job. But all 3 of them are still working right now. Is this a common thing or are they just bad.

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