Newpoint Surge Protectors Offer 100% Protection From Lightning

A question that often comes up in our emails is if you live in an area where lightning strikes aren’t at all the norm, is a surge protector required for home appliances? First off, let’s be honest and say that it is unlikely that any of your equipment, whether it’s surge protected or not, would survive a lightning strike. However, Power Sentry, makers of Newpoint Surge Protectors, have a surge protector that offers 100% protection from lightning. How they can guarantee protection from something that can emit up to 200,000 amps of voltage is pretty amazing, but they offer a $750,000 Limited Connected Equipment Warrenty, so they must be on to something.

In truth, lightning is too overwhelming for most man-made equipment. A single blast can carry as little as 10,000 amps of power in it. There are surge protectors made to handle up to 20,000 amps, but most strikes are well over that, up to 200,000 amps. But lightning isn’t the only external source to cause power surges in a home. Your power supply company can have fluctuations in their grids that can cause surges or dips. Within the home, large appliances can cause surges when they are turned off and on. You need to now how to choose the surge protector equipment and if a Newpoint Power Blocker can protect you from lightning like they claim, I would strongly suggest it if you are in a lightning prone area.

The Newpoint DBS5 surge protector was probably the next closest device to the Power Blocker. It provided up to $100,000 in insurance guarding against lightning protection. It’s no longer in production or perhaps Power Sentry went with the name Power Blocker instead. It was a nice product at one time, with complete protection against EMI/RFI noise, ample coaxial protection, outlets for AC adapters, satellite and AV protection.

You need protection because today’s electronics are much more susceptible to damage caused by power surges due to their delicate internal components. Over-surges can degrade electronics with sensitive microprocessors and chips. You want protection for these electronics like that provided by the Newpoint surge protector that offers protection on several fronts. When you have something like a home theater system or a computer system that utilizes several different current flows (coaxial, wall outlets, modem connections, speakers, etc) you want to protect all those entry points where a surge could enter. Power surges can easily hop to another line and penetrate your equipment where they will do the most damage.

If you aren’t sure how to use the other connections that protect coaxial lines and modems, just read the Newpoint surge protector manual that comes with your purchase and it should explain exactly what you need to do. The manual should include all the surge protector stats and tell you what the best execution is for installing it. Power Sentry makes quality devices and you can depend on the New Point Surge Protector to handle your basic surge protection, whether you are in a lightning prone area or not.

So, to answer the original question: yes! Every home needs surge protection on some level.

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  1. Rage says

    My awesome Newpoint power supply JUST exploded, for no reason, with only my TV plugged into it. It melted my carpet, and caught my curtains on fire.

    Way to go Newpoint. I’ll be sure to purchase even more of your outstanding products.

  2. Paul W. Rolston says

    My Newpoint UPS just stopped working today; no indicator lights or power going
    through and apparently no battery backup. I am now without the surge protector.
    Before I buy another one, I want to know why this one just quit.

  3. admin says

    You may need to replace the battery, Paul. This would cause the outlets to stop power flow and make the device appear to not work. You could check it with a voltmeter if you have one.

    Otherwise I suggest contacting Power Sentry (they own Newpoint) and see what they advise, but my guess is the battery needs replacing.
    1-888-744-5477 phone.

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