Power Where You Want It: The Monster Power HTS 1600 Review

There are more modern HTS protective devices available from Monster, but the sleek design of the Monster Power HTS 1600 is what makes this home theater surge protector stand out immediately from others in its class. It’s a real space saver standing at just over 5 inches in height. It has a lengthy high density power cord and a flat plug that makes it easy to install in areas that require flush objects. It comes with all the newest Monster Cable features, which we will go over, to ensure your equipment is protected from all forms of power surges, even the ones that come through your cable lines or dish network.

While there is some contention in the HTS world about significant A/V quality from use of home theater protection, the Monster HTS does have some features that will certainly keep line noise at normal levels to keep your picture and sound quality at or above quality levels.

Monster HTS 1600 Features

Monster HTS 1600 Profile
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Front Panel

Rear Panel

At first glance you can see the plethora of LED alerts on the face of the HTS 1600 assuring you that you are protected on all fronts. The main LED digital display shows the current voltage level and you can actually see the levels of electricity ebb and flow.

The other lights are as follows:
Ground OK: lets you know if the device is properly grounded.
Wiring OK: determines if your Line and Neutral wires at the outlet are properly wired and not reversed.
Clean Power On: lets you know that the Monster Clean Power technology is functioning as it should and is keeping line noise at a minimum.
Abnormal Voltage: alerts you that a surge is happening or that power has dipped below normal levels.
Protection On: This is the power indicator light letting you know that the device is turned on.

At the back of the device are 8 outlets: 4 outlets for digital equipment like your TV or HDTV, DVD/Blu-Ray players, CD players, gaming consoles, 2 for analog equipment such as receivers and 2 for amplifiers. You also get phone line protection, Ethernet or network line protection, coaxial line protection, a grounding screw for securing a ground line and an AC input circuit breaker to disconnect your equipment from the power source during a surge. All outlets are color coded as with all Monster products.

As for surge protection, it has a 3618 joule rating.

What do these features mean for you? Well, for one thing Monster has developed a lot of technology to provide superior surge protection for their customers. In addition to Tri Mode protection (protection on all lines, Line, Neutral, Ground) the Monster HTS 1600 model has Dual Mode protection. Standard surge technology utilizes MOV semiconductors to absorb surges. Monster goes a step further and adds thermal fuses which will shut power off from your devices so that surge energy won’t reach them. In addition, Dual Mode sounds an alarm if any of the MOVs have been damaged beyond use. This lets you know that surge protector has done it s job and needs to be replaced.

Add this kind of protection to their Clean Power technology that drives down line noise and provides cleaner A/V solutions for a complete Home Theater experience and you can’t beat this HTS for the price. There are a lot of complaints about Monster products being overpriced, but when you have equipment like a flat screen plasma television that costs over $1000, don’t you expect protection to be proportionate in cost?

The Compromise

While a high joule rating is important for surge protection, it is not the only qualifier in the equation of quality. Clamping voltage is another determinant. This is the amount of surge energy the MOVs let through before they decide it’s a surge and react. The lower the clamping voltage the faster the reaction time and the less chance of your equipment taking surge damage. The best calculated clamping voltage has been determined to be 300 volts. Most devices declare a CV of 330.

Monster’s rating? Can’t be found easily. Monster does not indicate clamping voltage on the packaging of their devices. Their only address to something close is their T2 Technology, but there is no information listed as to what this “technology” means statistically. You have to dig into the manual to find this number. Is it really that big of a deal? Perhaps not. Would I still purchase the Monster HTS 1600 without this upfront knowledge? Yes. Because Monster is a reputable manufacturer. As it turns out, the clamping voltage on the HTS 1600 is indeed 330V.


As for the HTS 1600, it has everything you need in home theater surge protection and it is presented in a clean and easy to understand way. Set up is a breeze with the color coded keys on the outlets and the flat outlet plug allows you to easily fit it behind furniture or entertainment centers.

Technical Features

  • Monster Tri-Mode™ Technology protects all three lines of current (L-N, N-G, L-G)
  • Audible alarm indicating MOV Failure
  • Monster T2™ technology automatically disconnects/reconnects power flow via internal circuit breaker
  • Monster Clean Power™ reduces line noise on both EFI and RFI connections
  • Coaxial/RJ11 line protection with gold coated connectors
  • 3618 joule rating
  • $350,000 CEW (Connected Equipment Warranty)
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HTS 1600 Owner’s Manual, downloadable in .pdf format.

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  1. Patricia Kilbourn says

    What happens when my Monster Power HTS 1600 shows 130 and the red light shows abnormal power surge should I be worried. I purchased it at Best Buy in 2005 and the warranty expired last December, could it be faulty or should I contact the Electric Company to see if we are still receiving the normal 120 that we should be getting. I have tried contacting Best Buy and I best transferred endless times without any questions answered after an hour I got tired and told I was going to use the better option and google myself the answers which has always helped me.
    Can you help me? this has been going on for a couple of weeks.

    Please help ASAP!

    Thank you,
    Patricia Kilbourn

  2. admin says

    Hi Patricia. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Power surges happen daily and increase in the warmer months when electricity becomes more of a demand as homeowners start using their air conditioners. The demand can strain a power grid and cause surges on power lines in nearby homes. This is a normal event and shows why surge protection is important.

    As long as your HTS 1600 isn’t beeping or buzzing it is working properly and you are protected.

  3. xavier says

    I purchased the HTS 1600 in 2006 I believe, it has been a heaven sent ever since, but last night it went out on me none of my electronics were damaged and the green led light was on but it was giving power to any of my electronics. I pushed the reset on the back with no luck, I had the unplug everything from it and plug the into a regular receptacle for them to work. can somebody tell me whether or not my monster is dead or can it be salvaged.

  4. Jeno says

    hi i have purchased a Monster HTS 1600 surge protector at PC Richards for a couple of years and its been working very well and just tonight, my daughter was complaining that her tv upstairs was not working. i checked the main DVR in my living room which i connected it to my HTS 1600 and i saw a red light on the abnormal voltage side. and everything went off except this red light. i just unpluged my electronics that i plugged in to this HTS 1600 and transfered it to another surge protector. can anybody explain how am i gonna do about this. do you think that my HTS 1600 is still working or this is a sign of malfunctioning?

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