The Practicality Of A Flat Plug Surge Protector

Not all surge protectors allow you to plug multiple items into their outlets and still allow you to position other furniture comfortably against the wall. What you need is a flat plug surge protector, which will give you the flexibility of using it in a tight corner where tables and desks often need to be flush with the wall or in the middle of the room where other furniture would otherwise stick out and look awkward.

It is exceptionally useful for eliminating the difficulty of fitting cables between the wall space and your flat screen televisions. A surge protector with flat plug versatility means you won’t have to fight with a right angle plug. They can also be used in compact workplaces or home offices, where running electronic equipment is often done in confined spaces. Many people have trouble locating this kind of unit, but they are very accessible and this surge protector review will point out what to look for so you can find the best surge protector for your needs.

flat plug surge protectorsWith the rotating plugs, you can easily plug in big AC adapters without taking up too much space as the outlets are usually set on the side of the unit without preventing use of the standard outlets. If you own a computer with several components then you will need space for an AC adapter or two. Flat plug surge protectors also work well in tight spaces where there might be stereo equipment along with portable phones that have AC adapter plugs. In standard surge protection devices, most outlets are spaced to house normal plugs. The spacing is such that adapters will overlap outlets, wasting valuable outlet real estate.

The Belkin Pivot Plug Surge Protector, for instance, has outlets on its sides specifically for AC adapters. The unit is a little bulky but the plastics it is made from are lightweight. The sockets pivot allowing you to fit cables and cords better and to be better able to hide them without having a bulky mass that pushes furniture out of the way.

Many people use surge protectors for computers but few know that all electrical equipment in their home is vulnerable to power surges. Everything that uses small electronic components as part of their mechanics is at risk of damage from a voltage spike. Power surges are unpredictable and happen at least twenty times a day in an average home. While using a flat plug surge protector to conceal several cords is purely an aesthetic, being prepared is the best protection and should not be taken lightly. A plasma television can be destroyed by one good surge in power. When choosing a surge protector flat plug is the best choice for both protection from surges and for use in tight spots.

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