The Ultimate Guide To Computer Surge Protectors

Computers require protection from electrical issues just as any other electronic appliance. More so, in fact, as computers often have tiny microprocessors that are being made smaller and smaller as the technology is developed to make computers faster. These tiny chips are extremely sensitive to electrical upsurges that can occur on a regular basis in […]

Are Surge Protectors For TV Necessary?

Are surge protectors necessary for TVs? I suppose it’s fair to ask this question. But you know what the answer is already. Yes. Like any electronic device or appliance made today, televisions are among the most common items using microprocessors. Flat screen TVs, Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, HDTV all utilize delicate technology that becomes susceptible […]

What Constitutes A Single Outlet Surge Protector?

An electrical surge or transient voltage spike protection device is a cost-effective and simple preventive measure that is installed between an AC electrical outlet receptacle and any electronic components. The most commonly used device is a single outlet surge protector, which can take many forms and may incorporate additional power conditioning or auxiliary protections for […]

Smart Surge Protectors: Accell And The GreenGenius®

Accell, a Silicon Valley-based company specializing in commercial and home theater equipment, has released a surge protector for the green community. The new line of GreenGenius Smart surge protectors are reportedly eco-friendly. It is very similar to the Belkin Conserve Energy-Saving surge protector in that it has several always-on outlets and the rest are auto-switch […]

Installing A Wall Mount Surge Protector: Should You Attempt It Yourself?

One of the benefits of owning an HDTV is the fact that they can be wall mounted. This not only saves space and makes the TV more pleasurable to view, but also allows for varied displays making your TV very different from the norm. However, one thing many people forget when they wall mount their […]

Benefits Of The Rackmount Surge Protector

Rackmount surge protectors are necessary to protect your audio and video appliances that mount to the wall, particularly if you have plenty of heavy-duty equipment to plug in. Choosing the right device depends upon your specific appliances and any space limitations you might have. However, there is more than likely the perfect protector to fit […]

Finding A Quality 20 Amp Surge Protector

Protecting advanced yet sensitive equipment from unexpected power spikes or lightning strikes is important. It is equally important for consumers to research every available surge protector they are considering to ensure they are purchasing a quality product that will keep your electrical devices safe. The purchase of a quality 20 amp surge protector is an […]

Top Uses For A Surge Protector With A Flat Plug

A surge protector is an essential component of any electronic assembly. Since most home electronics are run by power sent over public utility power lines, a power surge can disrupt or damage electronic devices. A power surge is a sudden increase in the amount of electricity being fed via a power line. It is caused […]

HDTV Surge Protectors: Stopping Line Noise In It’s Tracks

For owners of home electronics, using a surge protector is a must. Too many people have wound up with fried devices because of electrical voltage overloads. Newer, more sensitive devices such as high-definition televisions (HDTVs) are especially susceptible to this kind of disaster. Since HDTVs are designed to display digitally-compressed visual data, the delicate instruments […]

Wall Outlet Surge Protector: Single Outlet Protection For Individual Appliances

Without a doubt, there is some confusion about a surge protector and how best to use one. Probably the most commonly used is the wall outlet surge protector and this is the one where the confusion starts for many people. There are several wall-outlet extenders that allow you to plug in several items at once, […]

Proper Uses For Appliance Surge Protectors

A surge protector is the simplest solution to protecting your valuable household electronics from power surges and spikes. A power surge or spike is an increase in the voltage that comes through your electric lines. A surge usually lasts about three nanoseconds and a spike is shorter, lasting one to two nanoseconds. Although a surge […]

Transform Your Wall Outlet With A Surge Protector Receptacle

To protect electronic devices and equipment from power spikes a surge protection plug or surge protector receptacle is used. It works by trying to regulate the amount of voltage that flows into the electrical device by either shorting or blocking the ground voltages until the power flow reaches a safe threshold. Some power strips and […]

The Under Monitor Surge Protector: Antiquated But Not Useless

These aren’t so popular anymore but you can still find an under monitor surge protector if you shop Tripp Lite or Belkin. Both companies manufacturer these “old school” surge protection devices. Once used for safeguarding computer systems and data lines, this surge protector is found more often with home theater equipment as it is compact […]

Save Space With An In Wall Surge Protector Outlet

With all the electronics available today it’s nice to see there is an in wall surge protector outlet you can purchase to use with them. A surge protector is a type of outlet receptacle that guards against an excess or surge of electricity from potentially ruining your device. When fuses receive a surge of electricity […]

The Convenience Of A Wall Mounted Surge Protector

Wall mounted surge protectors are items that individuals can use to protect electronics from voltage spikes (i.e., quick jolts of electricity). All surge protectors work by preventing or shorting ground voltages. Often times, people can purchase power strips (i.e., pieces of sockets that have multiple outlets where people can utilize for plugging in many devices) […]