The Ultimate Guide To Computer Surge Protectors

Computers require protection from electrical issues just as any other electronic appliance. More so, in fact, as computers often have tiny microprocessors that are being made smaller and smaller as the technology is developed to make computers faster. These tiny chips are extremely sensitive to electrical upsurges that can occur on a regular basis in […]

Are Surge Protectors For TV Necessary?

Are surge protectors necessary for TVs? I suppose it’s fair to ask this question. But you know what the answer is already. Yes. Like any electronic device or appliance made today, televisions are among the most common items using microprocessors. Flat screen TVs, Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, HDTV all utilize delicate technology that becomes susceptible […]

What Constitutes A Single Outlet Surge Protector?

An electrical surge or transient voltage spike protection device is a cost-effective and simple preventive measure that is installed between an AC electrical outlet receptacle and any electronic components. The most commonly used device is a single outlet surge protector, which can take many forms and may incorporate additional power conditioning or auxiliary protections for […]

Smart Surge Protectors: Accell And The GreenGenius®

Accell, a Silicon Valley-based company specializing in commercial and home theater equipment, has released a surge protector for the green community. The new line of GreenGenius Smart surge protectors are reportedly eco-friendly. It is very similar to the Belkin Conserve Energy-Saving surge protector in that it has several always-on outlets and the rest are auto-switch […]