A Guide To The APC Battery Backup Surge Protector

These are some general questions Review Surge Protector has received in regards to APC battery backup surge protectors. Keep in mind the information provided below does not pertain to a specific APC model but is more an overview of the standard standby APC Uninterruptible Power Supply line. • Why Do I Need An APC Battery […]

What Size Battery Back Up Surge Protector Do You Need?

First let’s discuss the difference between a battery back up and a surge protector system. A battery backup has many names: battery back up surge protector, UPS surge protector, uninterruptible power supply or simply UPS. The difference between a battery backup and surge protection is both do two completely different jobs. A surge protector will […]

There Are Clear Advantages To Using UPS Surge Protectors

Basically UPS surge protectors are battery backups which can be used on appliances that require a shut down process so that data isn’t lost or a required cool down time can be applied. Being battery backup, this means that a UPS surge protector has to be fully charged to be useful. Once it has been […]

APC Surge Protector Battery Backup 325va 120v Lam

UPS Surge Protector Review By Donald Owens, Edison NJ First off let me say that I love APC and I wanted to give them a really decent ups surge protector review, but we (my wife and I) bought the APC Surge Protector Battery Backup 325va 120v Lam and as far as UPS systems, there are […]

CyberPower Surge Protector: Pioneers In Green USB Protection

The green movement is in effect, energy prices have skyrocketed over the past few years, and environmental awareness is on everybody’s minds. Since before its growing popularity, CyberPower surge protector systems have been right there in the mix with their uninterruptible power supply technology, which reduces energy consumption and passes the savings along to the […]

Looking For The Best Battery Backup For Sump Pump Systems?

In order to avoid flooding in the basement of a home and the resulting water damage in case of a failing primary, it’s wise to install a battery backup sump pump unit. A battery backup for sump pumps is effective in ensuring that the basement will remain free of excessive water build up should the […]

The Desktop Surge Protector Leaves You Worry Free

review by James T Boone A surge protector and a computer go together like yen and yang. One of the most important and also delicate pieces of electrical equipment in your house is your computer. Having a desktop surge protector is important if you want to ensure your data is safe and secure from any […]

Surge Protector Or Battery Backup System: Which Should You Use?

Knowing whether you need a power surge protector or a battery backup system can be tricky to understand, but many people aren’t even aware there is a difference. While surge protectors will protect your computer from the damages of power surges, the battery backup system is a completely different tool. In the following article we […]

Realizing The Benefits Of A UPS Surge Protector

If you spend a lot of time on your computer then it would be a good idea to have an uninterruptible power supply ready. Your computer can be adversely affected by the problems that its power supply encounters from the wall outlet or power source. While some can come with a hefty price tag, the […]

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