Finding A Quality 20 Amp Surge Protector

Protecting advanced yet sensitive equipment from unexpected power spikes or lightning strikes is important. It is equally important for consumers to research every available surge protector they are considering to ensure they are purchasing a quality product that will keep your electrical devices safe. The purchase of a quality 20 amp surge protector is an […]

Monster Vs Prime Surge Protectors

When it comes to Monster vrs Prime surge protectors, there are several important criteria to examine before making an informed decision. Prime has been in the surge protector market for about 20 years. Even though Monster Cable has been on the market for around 30 years does not necessarily make their products better. Ready outlets […]

Surge Protector: Whole House Protection In One Device

Today’s homes are filled with electronic gadgetry, and microprocessors can be found in nearly every room of the house: microwaves in the kitchen, game systems in the family room, TVs and DVRs in the den, and computers just about anywhere. Home offices often contain even more electronics, including multiple workstations, servers, hubs, switches, wireless routers, […]

Using A 220 Surge Protector With 110 Volt Appliances

Protecting electrical devices against damage from power surges is a wise decision a surge protector can help with. A single 220 volt surge protector, or surge suppressor, is a device that protects powerful electrical equipment—such as welders, washing machines and kilns—from spikes in electricity caused by storms, electrical company failures and internal electrical power fluctuations. […]

Top Uses For A Surge Protector With A Flat Plug

A surge protector is an essential component of any electronic assembly. Since most home electronics are run by power sent over public utility power lines, a power surge can disrupt or damage electronic devices. A power surge is a sudden increase in the amount of electricity being fed via a power line. It is caused […]

HDTV Surge Protectors: Stopping Line Noise In It’s Tracks

For owners of home electronics, using a surge protector is a must. Too many people have wound up with fried devices because of electrical voltage overloads. Newer, more sensitive devices such as high-definition televisions (HDTVs) are especially susceptible to this kind of disaster. Since HDTVs are designed to display digitally-compressed visual data, the delicate instruments […]

Can You Plug One Surge Protector Into Another?

This is a question we hear all the time: Can you daisy chain surge protectors? This means, can you plug one surge protector into another and still receive the benefits of protection. Let me ask you this question: Why would you want to do that? If you are attempting to use one surge protector as […]

Surge Protectors: How They Work

You can find a surge protector for just about any electronic application you need. They range from very cheap to very expensive and the price is dependent on what you need it for and who makes it. This can make shopping for surge protection very confusing for newcomers to the market. For some, it is […]

Wall Outlet Surge Protector: Single Outlet Protection For Individual Appliances

Without a doubt, there is some confusion about a surge protector and how best to use one. Probably the most commonly used is the wall outlet surge protector and this is the one where the confusion starts for many people. There are several wall-outlet extenders that allow you to plug in several items at once, […]

Proper Uses For Appliance Surge Protectors

A surge protector is the simplest solution to protecting your valuable household electronics from power surges and spikes. A power surge or spike is an increase in the voltage that comes through your electric lines. A surge usually lasts about three nanoseconds and a spike is shorter, lasting one to two nanoseconds. Although a surge […]

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