RJ11 Surge Protection For Your Phone Lines

You never want to lose data when using your computer but if your data lines are not protected from surges you just might. While there might not be a lot of dialup modems left in the world, there are still plenty of people that have sophisticated phones connected to landlines and maybe the occasional answering […]

V7 Surge Protector: Ingram Micro Releases New Surge Protector Line

Member of the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC), Ingram Micro, has unveiled their latest surge protector line under the V7 brand. V7 is the house brand for Ingram Micro and the new V7 surge protector line promises added value to an ever increasing market in surge protection devices. Ingram Micro already is one of the […]

Save Space With An In Wall Surge Protector Outlet

With all the electronics available today it’s nice to see there is an in wall surge protector outlet you can purchase to use with them. A surge protector is a type of outlet receptacle that guards against an excess or surge of electricity from potentially ruining your device. When fuses receive a surge of electricity […]

The Real Deal With Cheap Surge Protectors

A surge protector is a device that often allows multiple electronic devices to be plugged into it in order to allow more device usage from one power outlet and to stop a power surge from damaging the electronic equipment. They come in a variety of styles and with different levels of protection and features. Due […]

The Convenience Of A Wall Mounted Surge Protector

Wall mounted surge protectors are items that individuals can use to protect electronics from voltage spikes (i.e., quick jolts of electricity). All surge protectors work by preventing or shorting ground voltages. Often times, people can purchase power strips (i.e., pieces of sockets that have multiple outlets where people can utilize for plugging in many devices) […]

Where Can I Find GFCI Outlet With Surge Protection?

There is often a question that comes up in surge protection queries and that is does a surge protector offer GFCI protection? The answer is: it can, but it will most likely be due to a device that has been plugged into a surge protection device. There is, to my knowledge, no surge protector with […]

A Flat Surge Protector Saves Space As Well As Your Equipment

The uses of a flat surge protector, or flat panel surge protector range from the ideal spot to plug in a wall-mounted plasma TV; to nine outlet boxes for larger entertainment systems. For tight spaces, a power strip with a flat plug is the ideal solution. The low profile of this surge protector makes it […]

The Inland Surge Protector Packs Powerful Protection Into An Affordable Device

During the dawn of the computer era, a surge protector had already made it’s services apparent with other technologies easily damaged by power surges, and not surprisingly, a standard PC was literally an investment to be protected. Companies, like Inland which has been in business for over eighteen years, has been right there alongside the […]

Socket Surge Protector: Socket Sense Makes Plenty Of Sense

With most outlets on a socket surge protector, you won’t be able to use every plug if you have a few AC adapters to install. These large wall warts, as they are called, can take up the space of two sockets. That’s wasted space when you need to add several peripherals to a surge protection […]

More Room To Work With A Monitor Surge Protector

When it comes to using a surge protector with your computer, there is often not a lot of room to work with; however, with a monitor surge protector, often referred to as an under monitor power center, you achieve several advantages over power strip models. This device fits under your monitor and offers easily accessible […]

One Of The Best In RV Surge Protectors: Surge Guard By TRC

Technology Research Corporation, more commonly recognized as TRC, was founded in 1981 and was originally a military supplier of power distribution and management solutions. Having diversified their reach to the commercial market, TRC has become a recognized leader in RV surge protection. You’ll find some pretty sophisticated RV power management solutions in their Surge Guard […]

Understanding The Warranty On A Monster Cable Surge Protector

Why does my Monster surge protector trip constantly? Why does my Monster Surge protector beep? People who are asking themselves this question often turn to the Internet for answers. Regardless of what other sites may say, there are some important things you need to know before buying these warranties for any surge protector you choose […]

What Size Battery Back Up Surge Protector Do You Need?

First let’s discuss the difference between a battery back up and a surge protector system. A battery backup has many names: battery back up surge protector, UPS surge protector, uninterruptible power supply or simply UPS. The difference between a battery backup and surge protection is both do two completely different jobs. A surge protector will […]

Are Surge Protectors Necessary?

Despite global powers being on the frontier of new technologies in power systems, working both toward energy efficiency and eco-friendly pathways so as not to pollute the environment further, there is still a need for traditional power grids that conduct electricity to every domestic home, that is, until these new technologies are realized and implemented. […]

Reach Those Hard To Get Places With A Long Cord Surge Protector

Protect your computer and other expensive equipment with a surge protector with a cord long enough to reach areas you need it to. How it will protect these items from sudden surges of power to the equipment is: it acts as a fuse so when power does spike, the long cord surge protector stops or […]