The Cutler Hammer Surge Protector Becomes Part Of The Eaton Lineup

About Cutler Hammer Surge Protection Now part of the Eaton Corporation, Cutler Hammer started out as its own entity in 1892 under the name Chicago Electric & Manufacturing Co. With Harry Henderson Cutler and Edward West Hammer at the helm, they incorporated the business in 1893 under the name Cutler-Hammer Manufacturing Co. and quickly took […]

Power Where You Want It: The Monster Power HTS 1600 Review

Overall Rating:

What Is A Varistor?

A portmanteau of variable resistor, the varistor is the active semiconductor in many surge protection devices that stops power surges. It is a voltage dependent resistor (VDR), meaning it operates in a non-conducive (or standby) mode until a higher than normal flow of electricity passes through it. The higher the voltage entering the varistor the […]

What Is The Difference Between A Power Strip And A Surge Protector?

What’s the first thing someone does when they need more outlets than what the two socket wall option provides? They look for an extension cord. An extension cord or extension lead, power board or power strip, whatever you want to call it, provides extra outlets for that specific need but it doesn’t address the bigger […]

The Home Theater Power Conditioner: Picture Perfect In A Noisy World

If you’ve been fortunate enough to be able to add a home theater system to your media center, then you probably have heard some folks express concern over picture and sound quality issues that can stem from poor connections, interference from other household appliances and other line noise disturbances. You want a solid picture, you […]

What Does The Surge Protector Joule Rating Mean?

The simple answer is that a joule measures energy absorption. The higher rating in joules a device measures, the better the device is thought to be. With regards to surge protection, when the Joules rating is high, the surge protector is capable of handling a larger surge in a single event before it needs replacing. […]

A Guide To The APC Battery Backup Surge Protector

These are some general questions Review Surge Protector has received in regards to APC battery backup surge protectors. Keep in mind the information provided below does not pertain to a specific APC model but is more an overview of the standard standby APC Uninterruptible Power Supply line. • Why Do I Need An APC Battery […]

Why Do You Need Coaxial Surge Protection?

A Coax Protector, Why? Cable TV and internet networks are rather complex, at least in terms of computer networking. Large ones will often span hundreds of square miles; and whilst this feat of engineering can be impressive, the fact that the network is on such a large scale sometimes means that necessary maintenance is not […]

How Many Joules Does A Surge Protector Need For An Imac

APC BR1000G Back-UPS Pro 1000 Uninterruptible Power Supply
Manufacturer: APC
Overall Rating:
List Price: $179.99
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Whole House Surge Protector: How It Works

You might understand the basic concept behind a whole house surge protector to stop power surges caused by external sources from entering your home through your power lines; but do you know exactly how it works? Power surges can come from a number of sources outside of your home, everything from your utility company having […]

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